Rivertown Cattery Males

Rivertown Stonewall Northern Blu
ACFA Grand Champion
2011-2012 2nd Best Persian Cat in ACFA

Sire Chocolate Swirl and dam Grasee

Click here to see Stoney at 8-1/2 weeks.

Murphys Back

Katzenfur Murphys Back of Rivertown
CFA Champion
ACFA Grand Champion

Breeder: Carol Fengel

Click here for Murphy's pedigree

Murphy is now retired.

Chocolate Swirl kittenChocolate Swirl
Chocolate Swirl at 8 months

Midas Chocolate Swirl of Rivertown

Born 5/5/06
Breeder: Marianne Byrne

Click here for Chocolate Swirl's pedigree.


Chocolate Swirl at 15 months Chocolate Swirl adult

Rivertown Soul Patrol
2006-7 ACFA Interamerican 4th Best Kitten
2006-7 ACFA Mid-Central Region Best Kitten

Born 4/25/06
Breeders: Carl and Linda Sletten
Sire: Murphy's Back
Dam: Chilacute

Now owned by Royd and Pat Honeycutt of Tippecanoe, Indiana

Click here for Soul Patrol's pedigree.

Soul Patrol Soul Patrol at 5 months.
Godfather Part Blu watches a butterflyGodfather Part Blu

Rivertown Godfather Part Blu

2007-2008 ACFA Interamerican 13th Best Cat
2007-2008 ACFA North Central Region 5th Best Cat

Born 11/11/06
Breeders: Carl and Linda Sletten
Sire: Murphy's Back
Dam: Chilacute

Click here for Godfather Part Blu's pedigree.

Rivertown Cattery Neuters

Brown DerbyBrown Derby

Tufftons Brown Derby of Rivertown
ACFA Legacy of Achievement Award for placing in the top 20 for three years:

2006-7 ACFA Interamerican 9th Best Alter
2005-6 ACFA Interamerican 12th Best Alter
(in 5 months of showing)
2004-5 ACFA Interamerican 5th Best Alter

ACFA Quad Grand
CFA Grand Champion/Grand Premiere

Thank you, Marianne Byrne, for this wonderful boy! ~ Carl and Linda

Breeder: Heidi Murphy
Brown Derby was featured in May 2006 Cat Fancy.

De'ja Blu

Katzenfur De'ja Blu of Rivertown
2011-2012 ACFA Interamerican 14th Best Alter and Best Persian Alter
2010-2011 ACFA Interamerican Third Best Persian Alter

2007-2008 ACFA Interamerican Best Alter
2006-7 and 2005-6 ACFA Interamerican 2nd Best Alter and Best Persian Alter

ACFA Quad Grand
CFA Grand Premiere

Breeder: Carol Fengel
You can find him on the Nutriplan cat food bags in your Cub Food stores.

Nutriplan bag with De'ja Blu
De'ja Blu
De'ja Blu enjoyed his ride back from the ring on Linda's shoulder at the Cat Tales Cat Fanciers show, May 19-20, 2012.